The meeting started earlier than normal to allow the Golf Committee to provide an update. Your scribe, however, was not able to join until noon.
I guess we are all getting used to the new format. President Bob rang the bell exactly at 12:15. We rose for the Pledge of Allegiance. Unlike the tenor of in-person recitation of the Pledge, the zoom version is a bit off key. However, considering the circumstances, we should all get an A for intention and effort. One side note – if you are vain about the camera view while standing for the Pledge, you have options.
President Bob’s invocation highlighted how the current situation has affected us in varying degrees of difficulty. Depending on where we all fit in the socio-economic of the society at large, some have been hit much harder than others. Let us remember those folks. President Bob then led us into the reading of the 4-Way Test.
  1. Dan Firestone had an accident while doing the practice run on his bicycle for the upcoming Rotary in Motion event. He was not hit by any other vehicle, but he does not have a clear recollection of the accident. One of his fellow bikers found him and called 911. He spent a few days in the hospital. He is back home recuperating. Calls are welcome.
  1. Please look at the pictures of the handicrafts from Guatemala that Rick and Elin have brought back. Money from the sales goes to buying school supplies for the children in those villages where water projects are built. Please send your orders to President Bob no later than Friday 9/11.
  1. RIM will take place on October 3, 2020. Rotary will set up the water station at Wickham Park. Social distancing and other Covid-19 protocols will be observed. Volunteers are needed and welcome.
  1. Marc has started a new initiative at the district level called Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DEI). A committee has been formed, and Lucy Hurston from the Manchester Rotary Club has volunteered to act as the chairperson. The first zoom meeting took place on 9/3. Among other lessons, we learned the difference between “equity” and “equality”.
  1. Donations to Scholarship Trust can be mailed to Bill Saunders at 900 Hemlock Avenue, Unit 317, South Windsor, CT 06074.
  1. Here are birthdays in the month of September – Connor Martin and George Schoen 9/17, Peter Klock 9/25, and Ned Lynch 9/26. Do not forget to pay the “fine”.
  1. Checks to the five recipients of the Scholarship have been sent out. One check will be withheld until next year for the recipient who decided to sit out this year.
George reported that so far 17 four-somes have signed up for the golf tournament.; More are expected. Please note the correction: picnic type lunch will be served at 11:00 am, and the shotgun start will be at 12 noon. $2,000 has been pledged by sponsors. Team prizes and 50/50 Raffle will take place. George is getting an estimate from Manchester Country Club for providing beer. President Bob volunteered to drive the beer cart around if providing beer fits the budget. Enough carts will be available if some participants prefer riding alone. President Bob expressed his deepest thanks to George, Bill, and others on the Golf Committee for the hard work this year to organize the event.
Until next Wednesday, your scribe, Anwar Hossain