Posted by Robert Wood on Oct 02, 2019
As I approached the Ridge today it was warm and overcast with the promise of late afternoon showers and a major temperature drop which would remind us that Fall is truly here.  This was also indicated with the slight change in color in the trees along the way.  Inside the Ridge there was a small gathering of Rotarians seemingly waiting for a larger contingent to arrive.  I guess the wait wasn’t too productive as we leveled off at 17 members, with an 18th arriving a little later.
Where, oh where, have all the Rotarians gone????
President Bob called us to order and we sang, Pledged, and listened to a thoughtful Invocation Delivered by the Rev. William Saunders.  We were dispatched to the Buffet Table without the limitation of “one serving”. The meal consisted of a platter full of great roast chicken breasts and thigh portions, corn, and a nice tossed salad.  It was fortunate that Ned Lynch wasn’t here today as the caterer forgot to leave Ned’s cookie platter.  As usual. Ceil’s Keurig idea of making your own coffee continued to be a great success (as well as a big money saver). But, alas, no Ned, no cookies.
The meeting was brought to order by President Bob.  Bob started off with several announcements:
  1.  On October 9th, Randi Saboski will be the speaker.  She is an Assistant District Governor.
  2. Saturday, October 12th we will be working the Hartford Marathon water station at the usual place.  7:00 a.m. arrival time.  See Neal if you have any questions.
  3. The next day, Sunday, October 13 we will do another water station.  This time at Wickham Park for Rotary in Motion, a bikeathon. See President Bob for details.
  4. Coats for Kids will take place at Burlington Coat factory on October 20th. Everything is set for this venture.
  5. October 23rd we will have Liana Bernstein as a speaker.
  6. November 7th is the Foundation Dinner at Chez Joseph.  Bob would like to get a table to represent EH Rotary.  See him if interested.
  7. November 20th District Governor Mark Brady will be at our Club.
  8. October 30th will be Halloween at the EH Rotary Club Meeting.
  9. We had another successful day at Food Share, packing 2984 pounds of assorted meats.  It’s fun, worthwhile, and interesting.  Give it a try.  See Anwar and join us for our next venture.
  10. Inter-Community Health will be joining our Club on a Corporate Membership.  They are helping us with Rotary’s commitment to controlling the opioid containment project.
  11. Board Meeting – Tuesday, October 8th, YMCA -5:30.  All are welcome.
  12. An update from Steve Jacoby.  Jackie is in a Hartford Hospital Rehab program. She is being treated there and can have no visitors. Cards would be appreciated.  Their address is 5 Lower Heatherwood, Cromwell, CT 06416
There being no further announcements, Acting Sgt. at Arms Dan Firestone brought forth a list of donations, fines, guilty conscience gifts, and the ever present “Eagles” contribution.  The following is a listing of questionable contributions, as I, like Dan, had a little trouble reading my writing!!  First was Art Bradbury for a Giants win, Frank Collins because he was asked, Neal Cunningham because the Red Sox didn’t have a loss today, Marc Glass because the Eagles eked out a win, Bill Saunders for a nice new Avalon and a Steeler’s first victory, Jack Sayre and Bob Wood for the ending of the Red Sox miserable  season, Dan Firestone for the Jewish Holiday season and a couple of unreadable causes, and George Schoen for the Giant’s win on Sunday. Sorry for the errors and omissions.
In the closing minutes of the meeting Happy Jack’s Raffle was won by George Schoen and Bob Buettner’s flower donation was again won by Neal Cunningham.
So much for today’s episode of Rotary Life in East Hartford.  Hope to see more folks out next week.
Bob Wood pinch hitting for Anwar Hossain.