No President Bob, no bell, no flag, no guests. DG Marc sitting in the leadership chair. Seventeen members present via Zoom including the recently infrequent attendee, Dan Larson. Jim Watts noted that today was the fiftieth anniversary of his first date with spouse, Peggy.
Without much ado, DG Glass informed the club that in lieu of a Christmas Party, President Bob is exploring the idea of a virtual gathering over Zoom featuring an ugly sweater contest and break out sessions to play games in smaller groups. No date yet, but a start time of 7 p.m. Bob would need to know who is coming, but Marc moved on to the next item before anyone could discuss. So, let Bob know if you have interest.
Our annual Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army has been cancelled for this year and the Club will make a donation. This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
An issue with our Scholarship Fund tax liability has arisen. Apparently, we did not give out enough money as a percentage of our total funds to avoid a tax liability. This will also be discussed further at the board meeting.
The Club received Thank You notes from Foodshare, E.H. Social Services for the Coats for Kids contribution and the Office of the Superintendent of Schools for the PPE donation.
Neal reported that an on-line raffle is in the early planning stage.
Anwar had a video ready to go but in the absence of Wes Willett, no one had the technical knowledge on how to share the screen, so it will be shown at our next meeting. That is all for now.
Doug Willett