Posted by Doug Willett

“Haul out the old, cart in the new” That old saying does not quite capture the prevailing sentiments this evening as we gathered to celebrate the closing of one administration and the opening of another.  Instead, our annual Induction dinner at the Gallery was festive and reassuring as we passed the torch from President Kevin Kickery to new President Bob Buettner. The King is dead, long live the King.


Opening his last official meeting, President Kevin, who was doing his best Tom Wolfe impression in his white suit, welcomed his fellow Rotarians, their significant others, several guests, and Rotary District dignitaries including District Governor Kate Sims, incoming DG Mark Brady, AG Randi Saboski, and DGD Marc Glass. Outshining them all was our own Empress of the World, making a royal appearance with her humble spouse two steps behind, Mary Martin. Fittingly, we sang the Welcome Song twice, both as our opening offering and again to welcome our guests. PP George Schoen provided our invocation and PP Bill Saunders gave a one-armed Pledge of Allegiance.

Dinner was the usual Gallery fare, a slab of roast beef, a thick steak, roasted chicken, a few fish dishes, along with a baked potato and string beans. An open bar, copious canapes and a miniscule salad preceded the entrée and a generous slice of ice cream cake provided the coda.  All were provided with the usual Gallery efficiency.


President Kevin spent a few minutes recalling the accomplishments of the Club during his term of office and expressed his gratitude at leading a group who continue to contribute so generously to the community, the nation, and the world. He thanked his Board for their support and their willingness to gather around his pool each month for their board meetings. He also noted the loss of three major contributors to our Club this year in Nick Cecere, George Agnelli and Dave Amberg.


With that he called on DG Kate Sims to hang the medallion of office around the neck of Bob Buettner and conduct the oath of office. The new board was introduced and, lo and behold, it had enormous similarity to the outgoing board. President Bob’s opening message was to ask the members “to clone yourselves”, look for and invite membership from friends who exemplify the same qualities and dedication to service the Club embodies. This was followed by an exchange of gifts and a round of applause for both the outgoing and the incoming leaders. And with that, President Bob rang the bell for the first time to adjourn the session.

Reminders: No meeting next week on July 3rd. First Board meeting of year on July 9th at the YMCA at 5:30 p.m. President Bob is asking each of us to make a commitment to a committee with the expectation we will contribute to that committee. No lip service in this administration. Finally, Glastonbury Rotary has invited us to a seafood dinner on August 5th.


Proud Father of the “Wes Clone”, Doug Willett