Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
  High Gear

Volume 74/  Issue 38, March 17, 2021

11:45 Preamble
The usual suspects gather for the weekly meeting with a pre-amble of the hot topics of the day. The weather was discussed, and Jack Martin tried to excuse himself but too late, we noticed he was present and drew him in!  Marc Glass was in Ocean Beach, MD… or at least that what his backdrop suggested.
Talk abounds with how much we have raised on the raffle so far.  Update will follow per Prez Bob.   
The talk turns more serious when the group asked how Dan Larson has been as he has been missing as of late. UPDATE: I spoke with Dan and he says he’s well but very busy helping family out with projects. In true Dan speak he says “I’m busier than a one-legged man at an ASS kicking contest” but looks forward to 
Alex makes his debut as High Gear writer
 12:15 Bell
Pledge of Allegiance given by Pres. Bob. The invocation. given by Marc Glass with not a wet eye in the house.
Caring moments.   Ceil Collins is recuperating at home but the trooper she is on the call.
Jim Watts Mother is in Jefferson House
Ruthie Sheehan is in the hospital- update to follow on her status.
Raffle now stands at $8125. We need support from ALL members with 44 days to go!
We have received two unexpected $500 donations.  The Board voted to use these funds and send the donation to the Rotary Foundation earmarked for the Guatemalan Water Project Global Grant matching funds.  
Though Anwar’s efforts, EHRC is on the list to receive much needed socks for the homeless. Socks are the most requested clothing item. 
The Scholarship Application has been printed and is being distributed to the schools. It is also on the EHRC website.
Global Peacekeeping Force
Anwar introduced today's speaker, Randal Butler to talk about “Peace Building” 
Keys points:
Randall draws experience from his days as a trial lawyer and felt strongly about the need for conflict resolution in the world. He realized Rotary could be more than just a collection of service clubs and could build from our international platform into a “Global Peacebuilding Force”. One profound example they use to build the program on is Martin Luther King’s approach to Positive Peace. MLK believed positive peace is built on these principles, Inclusion, more just, non-violent and is participatory of various groups to build a common good for all. One defining dynamic is that peace starts with each of us as individuals and can grow from there.  
It was a great presentation on peace efforts and gives us a sense of how we as Rotarians can be beacons of hope in our communities, our nation and in the world.
To review presentation please click link below and scan to 7:25 to begin the slide show.
 Question and answers session ended at 12:55
 Bob made one final plea for more club members to attend the District Conference which starts April 29th- May 1st.
We ended with pleasantries and set out about our day. 
 The meeting adjourned at 1:07PM  
Alex Wisz

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