Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
   High Gear

Volume2 | Issue 32, February 7, 2018

Half Inch Snowfall Jinxes Club
 The weather guru’s dire warnings of heavy snow fall (2-5 inches) followed by freezing rain, caught the attention of a vast majority of our local Rotarians.  Apparently nine hearty souls either don’t have a TV set, are truly brave, or perhaps are lacking in proper judgement!
This writer arrived early to find President Dave pacing the floor while looking out the windows hoping for some company.  Slowly the small group of dedicated Rotarians filed in.  After Dave, Bob Wood, followed by Mark Glass, Ceil Collins, Jack Sayre, Sue Klock, George Agnelli, Peter Klock, and Finally, Super Star Sgt. at Arms, Anwar Hossain, all made it safely into the warmth of the Ridge!
Hearty Nine Carry On
Taking the job of president seriously, Dave rang the bell, and without Art Bradbury and George Schoen to start our introductory song, started us off on a questionable note.  One good thing can be said – we finished!  Next, the Pledge was carried out without a hitch!  The Invocation was written by Steve Jacoby, e-mailed to the president for his recitation, because Steve’s 4 wheel drive Jeep might not have been able to handle the treacherous heights of Sunset Ridge Drive.
The rush to the buffet table was rather subdued as no one was in a hurry to discover today’s fare.  Our selection included the almost weekly serving of rice, followed by roast pork and gravy, eggplant parmigiana, carrots and broccoli, rolls, and salad, with the usual cookies thrown in for dessert! Not bad, but not great, either.  Several (if that word can be used for 9 people) took some of the huge supply of leftovers home with them.
No Raffle, No Fines, No Speaker, No Problem
February’s Sgt. at Arms, Mark Glass, determined that today would be a day of amnesty and therefore, collected no fines.  Wait ‘til next week!  In Happy Jack’s absence there was no raffle today.  To make it a perfect trifecta, the speaker cancelled, and thus there was no program!!!! 
Of note, Bill Saunders e-mailed Dave with the news that Esther Clarke had fallen last Friday and had broken both of her wrists.  Our thoughts are with Esther and Chuck. Adjournment at 12:45. That time should be reserved for a golf day!
That’s it for today.  Filling in for the Empress who was filling in for Wes Willett -  Bob Wood
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