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Volume72 | Issue 31,   January 30, 2019

As I approached the Ridge the temperature read 32 degrees, there were no clouds in the sky, and the wind was totally calm.  What an ideal day!  But, as usual, Wednesday seems to be a transitional day.  The forecast is for a frigid cold front to roar through around 3 to 4 o’clock with heavy snow squalls and high winds.  Tomorrow morning will bring below zero cold to our region.  Quite a big change. As usual the foyer was busy.  Marc Glass was sitting in for Happy Jack at the raffle station and George Schoen was accepting meal money and shaking down those who still owed their dues.  Bob Buettner’s flower arrangement was particularly nice today.  We thank him for his weekly masterpiece.  To date they have brought in $465 to the Charitable account.
Buettner Irish Man of the Year!
President Kevin called us together for the song and the Pledge.  Anwar Hossain, freshly back from a Celebrity Cruise, delivered a thoughtful Invocation.  He stated that we should open our hearts to the welfare of everyone as our common humanity unites us all.  Nicely said.  The buffet table consisted of two types of ravioli, mushroom and cheese, a nice tossed salad, and fresh Italian bread. Kevin later noted that several attendees made an additional trip back to the table.  Ned Lynch’s cookie tray had an assortment of freshly made cookies, and the choice of beverage was more than adequate.
Upon reconvening it was noted that there were no guests.  It should have stopped there, as probably the feeblest Welcome Song began to erupt from around the tables – totally leaderless! Recovering, Kevin had a few announcements - 1.  The Board will meet at his house 5:30 on 2/5/19, 2.  Rick Lawrence will be here late in May to discuss the newest water project.  3.  The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee will honor Bob Buettner as the Town Honoree on 2/10/19 at the Irish American Home Society in Glastonbury.  Bob has Tickets $25.00 or $30.00 at the door!  4.  The Raffle Committee Led by Neal Cunningham and Wes Willett will meet next week.  Still need volunteers! 5.  Anwar’s Foodshare group will meet at Foodshare 12:30 next Monday, 2/4/19.  6.  The Scholarship Applications will soon be distributed to the various High Schools.  There will be one McGettigan and five Rotary Scholarships, each for $2000. 
Fines, Fines and More Fines
Next on the Agenda Sgt. at Arms Neal Cunningham gave his month ending report.  Bob Buettner paid to give an announcement (see above!), and to thank Neal Cunningham for fixing the bell, Larry Hangland for “nothing yet” (building up credit?), Dan Firestone for a Rotary Anniversary - 43, Kevin Kickery for his lovely wife Sue! (what did he do, or not do???), someone for Bill Saunders who was dressed like Paul Bunyan!, Ruth Sheehan being glad to be here, Marc Glass for the last four days of his Eagles’ championship, Jack Sayre for his utter disrespect for the Sgt. at Arms, Ned Lynch for not having to listen about Marc’s Eagles any more and a hopeful boost for the Patriots on Sunday.  Lastly, Neal paid because it was his last day as reigning Sgt. at Arms!  The Raffle was won by Steve Jacoby, and the flowers. By Jack Sayre.
Annual Meeting Finds Us Solvent
We adjourned and reopened as the Annual Meeting.
Secretary Wes Willett took attendance and gave his brief report – we have 43 members, and 5 honorary members. Our Average attendance was 59.5%.  His report was accepted.
Next Treasurer George Schoen presented our current budget information.  In Dollars!
            Operating                             7,801
            Charitable (Golf)                15,633
            Charitable (Spring raffle) 14,052
            Charitable (Operating)                10,833
            EH Rotary Scholarship
            Trust -operating                3,114
Six Month 7/1/18 – Current
            Charitable Expenditures
            Holiday Adopt a Family               2,424
            Arts for All                               200
            Scholarships                                   12,000
            Koats for Kids                                 3,551
Total Charitable                             18,175
            YMCA                                    4.000
            Hornet Midgets                                  750
            Total                                      4,750
Report Accepted
Election of Officers
            President                 Bob Buettner
            President Elect                  Vacant
            Past President                    Kevin Kickery
            Secretary                 Wes Willett
            Treasurer                 George Schoen
            Directors                  Bob Wood
                                                Jack Sayre
                                                Ned Lynch
                                                Neal Cunningham
                                                Anwar Hossain
            Sgt. At Arms                        Dan Firestone
The Above Slate was Elected.
The Meeting was adjourned
That’s All Folks – ‘til next time Bob Wood
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