Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
  High Gear

Volume 72 | Issue 30, January 23, 2019


The Good News – the cold snap is broken, and temperatures reached into the 40 Degree range. The Bad News – heavy rains and melting snows have called for a possible flood watch in our area.  I guess you can’t explain Mother Nature!  Things seemed slow today as the members straggled in and in seemingly smaller numbers.  My estimate would be around 25 give or take one or two!  To paraphrase an old song – “Where have all the Rotarians Gone?” The best news for today was the return of Art Bradbury who has missed the last few weeks with a bad case of pneumonia.

Cunningham, Willett to Head Raffle

Confusion seemed to reign at the Podium as several people had questions for our esteemed president which prevented him from striking the newly repaired Rotary Bell (thanks to Neal Cunningham) in a timely manner.  Not to be fazed, it eventually was struck, and the meeting called to order.  After the song and the Pledge Alex Wisz delivered a thoughtful invocation giving thanks for the gifts nature has bestowed upon all of us and asking us to fill our lives with happiness and love. Alex had to leave early as there was an issue with his Mother-In-Law.  We are keeping him (and Her) in our thoughts. We then adjourned to the buffet table which contained ziti, Eggplant Parmesan, salad, and nice rolls.  Beverages – coffee, several flavors of iced tea, and diet Coke, supplied by Ceil Collins awaited us at the dessert table. A new wrinkle has been added to dessert – Ned Lynch, alias “The Cookie Monster” has taken to bringing the cookie tray around to each table!


Upon reconvening, President Kevin mentioned that Rick Lawrence will be speaking in May about the various water projects in which the District is involved.  He also mentioned the new McGettigan Scholarship which has been made possible by a $100,000 Bequest to the East Hartford Rotary Club Scholarship Trust.  He noted that the Paul Harris Recognition Dinner is in the process of being scheduled, probably in late March. He also mentioned that Neal Cunningham and Wes Willett have agreed to Co-Chair the Spring Raffle and are asking for volunteers to step up and help.  His final two announcements were that the Board will meet on 2/5 at 5:30 at the Kickery residence, and that The Annual Meeting will be next week, January 30th!  Be There!!!!!!

Bradbury Makes the Donation Box Sing

Sgt. at Arms Neal Cunningham strolled confidently to the podium to deliver his weekly summary of guilty, happy, or incidental contributions to our Scholarship Fund.  Many happy dollars were collected in welcoming Art Bradbury back to good health and to our meeting. He was missed.  Among those contributing were Dan Larson, Bob Buettner, Ruth Sheehan, Neal Cunningham, Dan Firestone. And Art, himself, for his return! Steve Jacoby contributed because his granddaughter placed among the best in the country in equestrian jumping competitions. Bob Wood and Kevin Kickery paid to send NFL officials back to officiating school.  Some unnamed individual paid on behalf of the Eagles last few days as champs. Dan Larson and Ned Lynch paid for the disrespected Patriots victory and Dave Amberg paid for the Notre Dame Women’s return to the Number 1 spot in the rankings.  Bill Saunders paid for a great flower arrangement from his lifetime subscription from the Buettner Organization. Dan Firestone paid for his Anniversary forgetfulness, and lastly, Wes Willett paid because he’s off to Florida to pay a visit to Mom and Dad! No wonder Neal strolled confidently!  Finally, the Ruthie Table has lost its magic hold on the winning touch!  Marc Glass won the $$$$ and Dan Firestone, the flowers!

Riverfront Recapture Still At It

Next, Jairo Lemos introduced our speaker, Mike Zaleski, President and CEO of Riverfront Recapture. Mike is excited about the great things that have been done and the great things that lie ahead for the Riverfront.  He stated that the concept of developing the riverfront began in 1981 and that Frank Collins joined the Board in 1985 and has been a staunch supporter ever since.  A master plan was developed and is still in the process of being implemented.


The programs sponsored by Riverfront draw over 700,000 individuals yearly to enjoy their many offerings. These range from fireworks, entertainment, active participation, regattas, dragon boat races, and many educational opportunities.  The exciting news is that they are now working on developing a walkway from the Boat House all the way to Windsor with outreach to South Windsor. Plans and funding are well under way and hopefully will get all necessary permits, dollars, and all easements complete to get the project off the ground ASAP.  It was an interesting and informative program about something exciting in our own back yard.


‘til Next Week, Bob Wood


Remember – Next Week – the Annual Meeting and the Election of Club Officers for next year!!!!!



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