Rotary Club
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   High Gear

Volume 2 | Issue 46,  May 16, 2018


Back to the Ridge you say? OK—I’ll be there. This writer found his way back to the mother meeting home and found that regardless of where we meet, I do love the fine men and women of Rotary. I arrived with the remnants of the equipment that Bill Saunders, Marc Glass and his family and I used for the ticket sales effort at Rentschler field. The table, flags, banners, duct tape and other assorted necessities were carried downstairs and back in storage. George Schoen immediately jumped in and offered assistance. Thanks, George. I stepped into the hall and was immediately met by the prom queen and king, Mary Martin and Happy Jack. Quickly unloading my pockets to these two, I entered the great hall and found engaging conversation everywhere.

Carrot Cake Highlight of Meal

I did unload a bit of a swear word as one of the East Hartford students strolled by me. She smiled that smile that said “don’t worry mister. I’ve heard that before”. I ran into Jim Watts and we exchanged pleasantries and complimented each other on our choice of Brooks Brothers clothing. Classy guys we are. I will say the room was hot and stuffy. Perhaps the 28 Rotarians were generating heat or was the heat on? Don’t know but Bill Saunders removed his blue blazer so I think he felt the heat too. He was subbing for President Dave as he travels the globe. I’m jealous.

Gong!! For whom the bell tolls, but to signal the beginning of the meeting. Song broke out and it sounded harmonious. The pledge followed. Larry Hangland had a wonderful invocation about the needs throughout the world and in particular keeping in mind the people who lost lives and possessions in the storms yesterday. He ended with Service Above Self and it fit the bill for this writer. Thanks Larry. Off to the buffet table and for this foodie to sample the caterer’s offerings.

Ok, so it wasn’t to my liking. Rice—OK, mixed veggies—not OK, stuffed fish—yuck and salad---very tasty. Dessert was carrot cake and there seemed to be ample. I found Peter Klock ensuring it all got eaten by Rotarians either at lunch or at his house. Conversation dotted the premises as tables were filled with guests and Rotarians. I sat next to my uncle Dick McCarthy and Alex Wisz. We had a fine conversation as I’m sure all others did. There was some bustling as George and Alex took to the floor in a rousing version of the Welcome Song. Hands were shaking and smiles abounded. Good job, gents.

Scholarship Students Impressive

Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee, Bob Wood, introduced our guests. We were joined today by three recipients from East Hartford High. Logan Satalino, attending Clark University, Jadah Daley, attending UPENN/Wharton and Nadel Henville attending Emmanuel College. They spoke briefly of their aspirations, their future studies and the volunteer work they have done and will continue to do for the common good. This was the most inspiring part of the meeting for me.

Following this presentation was our own Dan Larsen. Back in form with the red bandanna around his arm and a fistful of dollars. He thanked Jack for subbing for him but felt the take was a little light. I personally will give more next time to put Jack back in his “happy place”. Here goes:

Marc Glass—for the Philadelphia Pigeons

Kevin—for his granddaughter’s recital

Bob Buettner—family birthdays and high honors attainment for a granddaughter

Bill Saunders—for a successful Goodwin meeting

Larry Hangland—no real reason except if he needs it (guilty conscience Larry?)

Jim Watts and Jairo Lemos—they were asking where are the Philly Flyers and Sixers?

Doug Willett—I will print this but if I left it empty, he is the editor so it would make its way into the report anyway.

At the NY Yankees office, if you call them, how many rings before they answer? 27 rings, count ‘em.

Alex and Nick Cecere paid as they were late.

George Agnelli paid as he was late. But Dan Larsen insisted he saw him walking from his car at 11:45 AM. That was cruel Dan. BTW, he’s been at Anderson Jewelers for 73 years—that is dedication, George, congratulations.

Marc asked Mary to come to the podium. He had a District Grant check for $2,000 based on our work at the Coats for Kids program. Awesome.

A few announcements:

1.       Next week’s meeting is at Goodwin College, the River Room from 6 until 7:30 PM.

2.       Mary asked that you hand in your sold raffle tickets ASAP. Deadline is Wednesday, June 13th (a Goodwin College meeting).

3.       Board meeting Monday night at 5:30 PM at the YMCA

4.       Golf Committee members, prior ones and anyone who wants to volunteer this year, will have their kickoff meeting at 11:30 AM (prior to our last May meeting)

5.       Tuesday night, May 22, the East Hartford baseball team will be playing Windsor High at Dunkin Donuts stadium in Hartford. The 6:30 PM game is free. See attached flyer as this gets you in for free. What a treat for these aspiring big leaguers.

6.       And lastly, flower child Bob Buettner won the raffle.

Hometown Boy Leads Hometown Paper

Dan Firestone introduced our guest speaker, Bill Doak, the owner and editor of the East Hartford Gazette. It should be noted that Bill was a 1973 recipient of an EH Rotary Scholarship. He went to Trinity when tuition was $7,000 per year. If you have to ask now how much, it’s easy. Just add a zero.

Bill is a fountain of information about East Hartford. He went back to the founding of the paper and it seemed like the founding of East Hartford. He stressed the need for newspapers even in this age of electronic media. Local news is important and must be available to the citizens. He also marveled at East Hartford as we come upon the 100 anniversary of women being allowed to vote. We have a mayor and a majority of the town council that is female. Good for us.

So I gotta go as they want to throw me out of the bank. Perhaps you can chat will Bill next time you see him. He is fascinating and has much to share.

Good afternoon to all and see you next Wednesday evening--Kevin


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