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Volume 2| Issue 44, May 2, 2018


"Patriotism is Supporting Your Country All The Time, And Your Government When It Deserves It."

Mr. Willett emailed me a few days before the meeting to remind me of my May obligations to this journal. Far be it from me to shirk my responsibilities so here I am. Back in the driver’s seat with a keyboard and my imagination to update you on the May weekly meetings for the East Hartford Rotary Club.

"Never Argue With Stupid People. They Will Drag You Down to Their Level And Then Beat You With Experience."

May 2nd was a burner. The heat was on in my homestead on Monday and today the temperature on my car read a hot 93 degrees whilst I made my way to the Ridge. Gotta love New England. Inside was a little cooler—initially-- but the slightly tepid attendance response still got the room heated. I arrived early anticipating some discussion about the grading of the Scholarship applications. But, there was no sightings of our co-chairs Mr. Wood and Mr. Fallon so the responses of the committee members must not be tallied yet. Perhaps next meeting we’ll learn the results.

Happy Jack and bride Empress Mary greeted all members with warm hellos and requests for your lunch/raffle cash. I thought Jack looked crabby at first but then Mary pinched him and he lit up the table. I immediately ran into our guest speaker, Henry Cohn, Judge of the New Britain Superior Court. We exchanged pleasantries and learned we had a mutual friend. A quick selfie ensued and off it went to our shared acquaintance.

I chatted amongst a few Rotarians. Everyone is so pleasant before the meal and their likely nap. And then it happened. Perhaps the worst start to the opening song I have ever heard. Not out of key—or the wrong words. I can’t even do it justice as to what happened as we all looked at each other and shrugged. Mr. Bradbury took over, got us restarted and we finished the song---thankfully.

Now normally the song or invocation is the highlight when we think about the opening of our meetings. A song, the pledge of allegiance, invocation and the march to the mystery meal. Well, the invocation was good as President Amberg stayed at the podium and announced the invocation assignee was absent. Dave did really well for on the spot adulation of the day, our fellowship and the ability to continue his life after the accident. Kudos’ to Dave.

Now, I have been known to trash the meal on a regular basis. But, when they deliver the goods, well, suck it up, Kevin, and give them proper praise. The spread was tasty and bountiful. A combo of rice, ham with pineapple/raisin sauce, chicken florentine, mixed steamed vegetables, garlic bread and salad. Someone mentioned there was thousand islands dressing so I took it at face value. The deserts were excellent too. The caterer, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, supplied us with slices of cake, Tres Leches Cake (per Mary) and mixed cookies. So the chow down was on today. There was a siting of Gulden’s mustard at Mr. Klock’ s placemat. Not sure if he keeps this handy for all meals but it was not widely shared beyond his table.

"Clothes Make The Man. Naked People Have Little or No Influence on Society." 

The crowd was unusually quiet at lunch. Perhaps the good food or the attendance of only 23 Rotarians and 1 guest leaned toward quiet conversation. Dave made an announcement of the hands on project to dispose of 30 bags of leaves in a senior citizen’s front yard to the EH Transfer station. This request came in through the Senior Center. Thanks to Mr. Amberg, Mr. Buettner and Mr. Kickery for their help.

Sargeant of Arms Mr. Larson elbowed his way to the podium for his ruminations on the givers and their causes today. A healthy bounty as described here. Birthdays for Mr.’s Watts, Hangland and Martin. Who is older? Jack also paid for a great great great granddaughter, Scarlett (I guess he is older). Mr. Cunningham celebrated 27 years in Rotary. Mr. Lynch is celebrating/praying for the Celtics and Bruins. Messrs. Buettner and Hossain are happy for spring. Rotarian Bradbury was happy for Marc Glass—perhaps because he was absent? Mr. Lynch paid for Art getting us back on track for the opening song (yes it was that bad if Ned is pulling cash from his pocket). Mr. Wisz gave as he announced a May 12th fishing derby at the Police/Fireman’s pond off of Silver Lane. Mr. Agnelli wants the Red Sox to get going. Rotarian Steve Jacoby was happy for a Wesleyan win over Bates in lacrosse. I threw a few bucks in the arm band worn by Mr. Larson. See the end of this report for my remarks.

Hope Firestone is working feverishly to make the Mystery Ride a success and an unforgettable experience for all. The June 2nd date will be here before you know it so please sign up as she has commitments to make. Details are casual dress, starts at 5 PM and $75 PP.

Next week is the inaugural 6 p.m. initial evening meeting at the River Room at Goodwin College. 195 Riverside Drive is easy to find but if you get lost, call me at 860-944-6365. Happy to guide you in. We estimate 25 Rotarians. At this time Jairo Lemos was asked to come to the podium. Esteemed Rotarian Collins had the honor of pinning the newly minted Rotarian. Congratulations to Jairo. We are looking forward to working with you.

"Politics and Diapers Must Be Changed Often, And For The Same Reason."

The Honorable Judge Cohn spoke to us about Mark Twain’s will. I must say the guy lead a complicated and somewhat sad life. He had three daughters but none were trusted with his wealth. A Trust was established early on to benefit the things he wanted preserved for future generations. Fortunately, it was and we can enjoy his home in Hartford and his books and writings as they are preserved forever. This portion of the musings is short as I did get somewhat confused by all of the people, dates and circumstances Judge Cohn spoke of. So if you have questions, perhaps a fellow Rotarian can help you. Or, as most people say to me when I ask a question, “Just GOOGLE it”!

The raffle was held, and newly minted Rotarian Jairo was granted the opportunity to pull from the bowl. And it happened again! He pulled his own ticket. This is the 3rd week in a row that “the ticket picker pulled his own ticket” (say that 5 times real fast). Oh well—a good start for the new kid on the block.

So for my 2 bucks, this is what I asked Rotarian Larsen to read:

What do the Red Sox and daffodils have in common?

They both look good in the spring.

Peace to all—see you next week for the EVENING meeting.

 Kevin Kickery

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