Rotary Club
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  High Gear

Volume 72| Issue 7, August 15, 2018




Small group today, lots of half-filled tables, but all the cool people seemed to be there. The really cool people gathered early for a Golf Committee meeting. With the tournament about four and a half weeks away now is the time for all good Rotarians to come to the aid of the cause.  Foursome registrations, hole sponsors, raffle prizes, all are needed today, right now, right this minute. Needed forms are on the website, but a simple call to George Schoen or Bill Saunders will serve as well.

Pickleball, Greenbriar and Salt Peter

Past President Dave Amberg wore the medallion again today. The opening song and the pledge made their appearance. Dave then introduced Ruthie Sheehan, who levitated to the podium in her advanced state of Red Sox euphoria and proceeded to deliver a thoughtful invocation despite her lightheaded condition. Then it was off to the buffet line.

First off, the brown rice plate, followed by some green beans, mashed potatoes, pork slices, rolls and salad. Brownies and lemon squares were available for those so inclined.

Table conversation started with the growing phenomena of pickleball among the gray-haired set which apparently provides both competitive and social benefits, while easier on old bones and muscles. From there it moved to Larry Hangland’s recent visit to the very moving Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania and the Greenbriar’s obsolete elaborate government bunker in West Virginia. And it ended with a discussion of salt peter production and uses. Don’t ask.

Beaner Fans in Uncharted Territory

PP Dave called the meeting to order in short order. Nick Cecere volunteered to be Sergeant at Arms today and was his usual predatory self. Lots of donations for wallowing in the recent Bo Sox success; a table full of “just because” donations; and a sincere “thank you for your support” from Dan Larson on his mother-in-law’s recent passing. We then offered a half-throated rendition of Happy Birthday to Ceil Collins, on her latest milestone. Half throated describes our singing performance, not our full-hearted esteem for our social event maven.

George Schoen, Co-Chairman of the Golf Committee, gave us a rundown of tourney progress and inspired the comments in the opening paragraph above. PP Dave followed with a sincere thanks to Kevin and Sue Kickery for their hospitality last week and for Kevin’s assumption of the thankless task of returning the tables and chairs to the Ridge. Alex Wisz won the raffle without a hint of embarrassment. Next week the meeting is at 6 p.m. at Goodwin College.

With August hitting the mid-way point, and summer rapidly receding into the earlier sunset, we adjourned to the golf course and other pursuits at 12:50 p.m., marking “a new record for a quick meeting.”

Until next week,

Doug Willett




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