Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
      High Gear

Volume 73/ Issue 5, August 7, 2019


Still a small crowd but more energy in the room today. Perhaps it had something to do with the enchanting presence of my bride and favorite Rotary Ann, Diane. Or the effervescent personality of old buddy, Johnny Mozzicato, visiting today during his summer sojourn from his winter headquarters in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Or even the steady, calming sighting of Rotarian John O’Connor, taking time from his highly successful and growing financial services business to break bread with us once again. Well, he would have broken bread were there any to be had, but he settled like the rest of us for some tasty lasagna and salad with the now traditional cookie plate at the end.

Welcome Song Brings a Smile

Art Bradbury offered a thoughtful invocation urging us to do our best with the diminished resources at our command. Diane requested the singing of the Welcome Song and was pleased with the effort expanded in her behalf.

Announcements, Lots of Announcements

President Bob had a long list of announcements to make and make them he did, to wit:

·      Gil Wishart’s wake and funeral took place Wednesday night and Thursday morning. God’s Speed, Gil.

·      August 24th – Polio Plus Yard Goats game.

·      Apparently there were no East Hartford Rotarians sighted at the Monday evening Glastonbury Seafood Boil. We may owe them an apology.

·      Bob reported on the EHPD National Night Out event held Tuesday. Rotary had a booth but were situated far from the action. Rotary volunteers President Bob, Marc Glass and Anwar Hossain did receive 10 expressions of interest in the Club, so there is that.

·      August 26th – Food Share event at 12:30 p.m. – Bloomfield location.

·      September 7 – Habitat for Humanity project in East Hartford – sign up next week.

·      September 16 – Rotary Golf Tournament – making progress, need sponsors, raffles prizes and golfers. Looking or 60-70 golfers, hope for more. Everyone expected to participate in some fashion. Informal golf committee meeting at 11:30 on Wednesdays at Ridge.

·      The Scholarship Trust needed $9,500 for scholarships. Over $3,000 was donated by the Sgt. At Arms fund and the Flower Raffle so no funds were needed from operating budget.

·      There will be a 28-mile bike event on October 13th, the day after the Greater Hartford Marathon. We will look to set up a water station.

·      Board meeting next Tuesday at 5:30 at the YMCA. Laura will be serving lobster thermidor to early arrivals.

McCarthy Recuperating at Shoreline Manse

Bill Saunders reported that Dick McCarthy is still dealing with effects of a fall but hopes to be back with us in a couple of weeks. Cards and phone calls would be appreciated.

Marc Glass was our Sgt. At Arms today. Enough said. Other than a 29th birthday for Ceil Collins and a 70+ birthday for Good Ole Bill Saunders, nothing about the rest of the fines was that notable and since I can’t read Marc’s notes, they will remain just that, unnoted.

Fittingly Ceil won the raffle and Dan Russell took home the flowers.

With that, President Bob hit the gong and the meeting dispersed.

Doug Willett

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