Rotary Club
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Volume 74 | Issue 45, May 5, 2021

After some pleasant socializing before our official meeting’s beginning at noon, President Bob led off today’s Zoom meeting by leading us in recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test.
Bob mentioned that Dick McCarthy remains at Saint Mary Home and sadly is very isolated due to Covid restrictions.  He encouraged all of us to send cards and notes to Dick at 2021 Albany Avenue West Hartford, CT 06117  Room 121 G .
Scholarship Committee completes work - $18,000 awarded to students
Bob asked the group if any would be interest in helping with Habitat for Humanity’s next project in East Hartford.  There appeared to be a significant number of hands raised.  So, Bob will keep us informed about this opportunity for some hands-on service.
Then, Bob filled the club in on information from last night’s Board meeting.  The Board approved Peter Klock’s proposal to invite Jason Primus to join our club. 
This is the first official published announcement to the club that Jason Primus may become a member if no reasonable objection is made to his membership and if Jason participates in an information session and signs off on agreeing to join the club.  Stay tuned.
After complimenting Connor Martin and his Scholarship Committee on a job well done, Bob announced the six 2021 Scholarship Winners.  Barbara Agbotey is the recipient of the McGettigan Scholarship.  The five recipients of our Rotary Scholarship are Christine Duah, Mickel Martin, Avila Thompson, Madysin Vera, and Augusta Nutakor.
They will be invited to attend one of our Zoom meetings this summer.  Each will receive $3000.
Bob mentioned that planning continues for our Recognition/Installation event June 16th from 5 to 7 PM at the Goodwin University Courtyard.  Ceil Collins will be in charge of registration for the event which will begin mid-May.  Cost will be $15 per person.
Foster parenting presents challenges and rewards in equal measure
President Bob then introduced Simone Enright, today’s speaker, who shared her experiences since she and her husband became licensed foster parents in winter 2019.  Since then the couple have fostered eight children ranging in age from seven months to six years old.  Simone mentioned that she thinks of herself as “Sometimes Mom.”  In fact, you can find her on Instagram with moniker sometimes Mom and her email address is
  Her presentation included answers to the questions she is most frequently asked including why she and her husband decided to foster, how long do the children stay, what support do they have, and how difficult is it to let go when the children leave.  The aspect of this that most affected me was Simone’s acceptance that you do not get to keep these children, despite the inevitability of becoming attached to them and their becoming attached to you.  She emphasized that getting attached to these kids and they to you helps these children develop an understanding of the positive aspects of attachment.  
  We learned that there are over four-hundred twenty thousand children in foster care nationwide.  There is a huge need for foster parents.  Part of Simone’s mission in spreading the word about foster parenting is to encourage others to join her in doing this.  In addition, she says her goal is to affect positive change within the foster care system.
   As you may infer from my summary, Simone’s presentation was emotional and inspiring.  Luckily President Bob recorded this for us.  If you were unable to attend this presentation, you have the opportunity to watch the recording.  Click on the link below and manually enter the required passcode.  Passcode: EhY&g4.c
Raffle winners close to home - Piersa's, Happy Jack and Alex take prizes
After Simone’s talk, we moved on to today’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT  -- OUR RAFFLE WINNERS.  Members were excited to learn that two of the three were members of our own club.  Alex Wisz won $500, Jack Martin won $1000, and members of South Congregational Church, Felix & Bea Piersa won the grand prize of $5000.  Congratulations and thanks to all of them for supporting our charitable fund by purchasing their tickets.  Our club benefitted from this first online raffle, raising nearly six thousand dollars for future service projects.
Quite a meeting!! Thanks to Anwar for bringing us another outstanding program, to Connor and his committee for hours spent in selecting the scholarship recipients, and to the Board for continuing this outstanding year with Bob’s leadership.
Submitted by Sue Klock.
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