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Volume 2| Issue 43, April 25, 2018


Not that we need more rain, but Mother Nature decided to shower upon us more sprinkles anyway. However, my rain filled day got much brighter as soon as I walked inside and saw our smiling President Dave who is back in the saddle and looks good. Furthermore, today was Job Shadow Day, and the presence of 20+ students made the club ambiance even brighter and brought the average age of the attendees way down from our usual profile.


Job Shadow Program Highlights Meeting

The bell sounded a bit muffled but got our attention. Not knowing the protocol, the students needed a gentle nudge as we stood up for the Rotary Song and the Pledge-of-Allegiance. Happy Jack Martin was multi-tasking today both as Sergeant-at-Arms and the deliverer of the invocation. The theme was service above self and to keep the future of the students in our thoughts and prayers.


Our caterer did a great job in honor of the guests today by providing a generous spread consisting of roasted sweet potatoes, beef, chicken, fish, mixed vegetables, dinner roll, salad, cookies and cheese cake. Can we get the students to join us every week? I guess not.


Alex Wisz took the podium and extended his thanks to the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, the Fire Department, school administrators, local Credit Union, East Hartford Rotary Club members and folks from the community who make this event a great success. Students from Grades 9-12 at East Hartford High School participated in this event.


Michele Galeota, from East Hartford High School, the coordinator of the Job Shadow program, was next at the podium. She thanked the students for taking the initiative by doing the paperwork for participating in the program. We all applauded their efforts. She then said that while she was standing in the lunch line one of the students asked her what these Rotarians do.  She provided a great response by simply saying that the Rotarians follow the motto of Service above Self by helping others through various projects in the community and all over the world. She called upon a few students to narrate their Job Shadow experience. Keeping in mind that the students needed to get back to their “job”, President Dave thanked them for attending our meeting and they departed.

Upcoming Programs Outlined

After the students left, we got back to our other business of the week. Happy Jack took the mike for the second time today and delivered his upbeat Sergeant-at-Arms report.  Marc Glass, Bill Saunders, Nick Cecere and Dan Larson were happy to see President Dave back. President Dave paid for PP Bill for doing a great job in his absence. George Agnelli paid for his 43rd Anniversary and Kevin Kickery was glad to see all the students. Hope Firestone paid for her Birthday and the Mystery Ride announcement. So far, 32 have signed up, but there is more room in the 50-seat bus. Needless to say that husband Dan Firestone also paid for Hope’s birthday. Marc Glass parted with the usual weekly dollar for the Eagles. Ruth Sheehan is praying for the Red Sox. Kevin Kickery and Jim Fallon handed in their dollars for leaving early. And with that, Happy Jack passed the baton to Dan Larson, who will be the fine-master in May.


Since there was no guest speaker today, Dan Firestone provided an outline of the speakers in the coming weeks.


5/2/18              Judge Henry Cohen on Mark Twain’s Will (noon meeting)

5/9/18              Eva Donnelly, the 8-year old inventor (evening meeting)

5/16/18           Bill Dokes on history of the East Hartford Gazette (noon meeting)

5/23/18           Bill Thomas on Race Amity (evening meeting)

5/30/18           Richard Lawrence on the Guatemala Water Project (noon meeting)


The Prez Expresses Gratitude

President Dave expressed his sincerest and emotional filled thanks for the support and acts of kindness that he received during his recuperation, which can best be verbalized by paraphrasing his email from yesterday to all us which in part read “We all profess and carry out Service above Self, but until you are on the receiving end of that, in terms of cards, phone calls, visits and prayers, you can only imagine the impact such care has upon a person.” He advised us to drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians.


Kevin Kickery would like to approach Hartford Distributors to see if they would allow sale of our raffle tickets at the upcoming annual event.


Now folks, I wonder if there is some cosmic disturbance influencing our weekly raffle. Believe it or not Marc Glass, who was the winner last week, won again this week. I think one has a better chance of getting hit by lightning than being the conductor of the raffle and winning two weeks in a row. Marc, you did the right thing by donating the money to the scholarship fund, and you are banned from participating in the raffle in the future. Just kidding.


Jairo Lemos will be inducted as a new member on May 2, 2018.


The following is being repeated from last week’s High Gear as a reminder:


PP Bill would like all Rotarians to make a note that starting May 9, 2018, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month our meeting will take place at the River Room of the Goodwin College at 6:00 PM. Food will be catered by Congress Street Rotisserie. He would also like us to spread the word among other Rotarians who have not been able to attend lunch meetings for various reasons. Starting with May 2, 2018 we will meet at the Ridge for lunch every first and third (some months fifth) Wednesdays of the month. Unless things change in the future, lunches will be provided by our current caterer.


You do not have to put up with this scribe for a while since this is my last week. Anwar Hossain

























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