Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
  High Gear

Volume 2, Issue 29, January 24, 2018


Today was a beautiful mid Winter’s day, but better still, no major changes in sight! The Empress and Happy Jack were at their regular spot after travelling from their new residence at Seabury.  Travel time is shorter than from their previous South Glastonbury Estate. When asked about the food, the reply from Jack – “Better than Home Cooking”.  Rumor has it that the Empress is looking to put the new stove on Craig’s List.  The attendance was a little better today, as the Empress had to handle cash for 27 Rotarians.  Still below our minimum guarantee of 30 paid lunches.

Coffee and Tea Highlights Meal

President Dave again took to the gavel and brought us together with a ring of the bell, the song, and the Pledge followed by the Invocation delivered by Bob Wood.  Off to the buffet table – what to say next! It was sparse today, with only dry macaroni and cheese, garlic bread, a tossed salad, and croutons!  The dessert table was similar with only 33 assorted rather plain cookies. This meal would have difficulty of achieving a 1 fork rating!  There was, however, plenty of coffee and ice tea! 


Lunch Chair Jack Sayre was told that the chef was on vacation and that his daughter had prepared the meal.  One comment overheard was “What grade is she in”?


Floyd Salutes "Perfect Season" 

We were quickly called back to order by President Dave as it didn’t take too long to navigate the buffet and digest the offering of the day! We had one guest today attending with Laura Floyd.  George Schoen and Art Bradbury chose to stand and deliver the opening of the Welcome Song to make a better impression of our meeting for the guest!  Our kinder and more gentle Sgt. at Arms, Anwar Hossain was called up and said he had a pretty good day.  Respect pays off!


Dan Larson paid to make sure Anwar remains so nice, Laura Floyd paid for the Cleveland Browns’ perfect season, Dan Firestone paid for the new tax season, Ceil Collins for a great vacation, Kevin Kickery because he was seeking a little more “clarity in life’ and Bill Saunders because his granddaughter texted him about a huge Rotary blood drive in France!  (Jay Stewart would have been impressed – 2600 pints!) The final, and most interesting, take of the day came from a bidding face off between Marc Glass and his Eagles and Ned Lynch and his Patriots.  Marc started at $5 and Ned at $7, and before it ended Marc put in $18 and Ned $9.  Nicely done Anwar!!!!  As if anti climatic, Bob Wood won the raffle!

Paul Harris Pins For Anwar & Steve

President Dave called Anwar up and presented him with his PH plus 2 pin, and then Steve Jacoby for his PH plus 7 pin.  Ceil then announced the Paul Harris dinner date of 3/21/18. Bob Buettner mentioned Friday’s game night -2/26 -beer, wine and pizza for $5. Give him a call if you can make it.  It’s Fun!  Dave mentioned that our club was donating $1000 to the Guatemala Water Project.  This is our 12th year of contributing to this worthwhile project.  Dave mentioned that he and Bill had attended a School Business Partnership meeting today and received many compliments for our support of the school system


That’s all for now as our speaker had to cancel out today due to an out of state meeting.  She will return to our club on 2/21 to discuss the issue of Human Trafficking, a serious issue today.

‘til next week, Bob Wood



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