Rotary Club
Of East Hartford
   High Gear

Volume 2 | Issue 40, April 4, 2018


This is the time of the year when we New Englanders look for signs of spring. No such luck today. We met at the Ridge on a cold damp day with drizzling rain. Past President Bill Saunders, filling in for the recovering President Dave, conducted the meeting today, as he has done since our dear President Dave had the accident. After the Song and the Pledge of Allegiance, Mary Martin gave us a thought provoking invocation. Her invocation spoke to our collective conscience that we may come from different backgrounds, but we are in the same boat and as such we each have the responsibility to do the right thing.

Chicken or Pork? That is The Question

As we marched towards the buffet table, we were greeted by the first tray of baked ziti, followed by sliced chicken in a sweet sauce (or was it sliced pork?), mixed vegetables, dinner rolls and salad with two choices of dressing. Dessert was sliced carrot cake. If you folks were looking for a lobster lunch as a reward for coming to the meeting on a miserable day like this, stay tuned.  Thanks to Dan Firestone, our table shared the box of Matzah in celebration of Passover.


Today’s guests were our two guest speakers unless you want to count Jairo Lemos (did I spell the name correctly?) and James Tucker, who will become full-fledged members soon. Art Bradbury and George Schoen led the welcome song.





1.      PP Bill read a letter of thanks from the local food bank for the $400 donation from our club.

2.      Railing at the front steps has been installed.

3.      District Conference is on May 18, 2018.

4.      There will be a short Board Meeting after our regular lunch meeting.


Sergeant-at Arms Report:


Happy Jack Martin, just back from the Final Four and vowing not to return next year after getting disappointed two years in a row, reported a handsome collection from the members. PP Bill Saunders paid for the remarkable recovery of President Dave, who, by the way, might be allowed to go home next week. He also paid for Notre Dame winning the national championship in women’s basketball and Penn State winning the NCAA wrestling championship.


Yours truly paid for the tenth anniversary at the Club. Dan Russell has a new car. Bob Wood, Art Bradbury, Bob Buettner, Alex Wisz, Neal Cunningham, Nick Cecere and Marc Glass wished President Dave a full and speedy recovery. Dan Larson, Jim Watts, Dan Firestone, Bob Wood, Neal Cunningham and Alex Wisz paid for Geno and his great team.


Wes Willett paid for a successful PH Dinner, George Schoen for the Red Sox/leaving early, Alex Wisz for the Job Shadow/leaving early, Marc Glass for the Eagles and Larry Hangland for his birthday. No wonder Happy Jack’s money pouch looked fat and plump.


Marc Glass, our Raffle Master, had Ceil Collins, last week’s winner, pull the winning ticket #564 belonging to Neal, who graciously donated that money to the Sergeant-at-Arms Fund.


Helping Haiti Unending Challenge

Dan Firestone introduced our guest speakers, Linda McGurn and Sharon Lundberg, from The Good Shepherd Foundation who were drawn into service after seeing the subhuman conditions in parts of Haiti. It is a grass roots organization, established in Haiti about seven years ago that provides clean water, sanitation and medical services in communities that are not served by roughly 4,000 other organizations and NGOs in Haiti. Compared to others, their organization is implementing low tech solutions that can be maintained by the locals, such as dug wells for clean water and outhouses. They procure many materials locally and hire local technicians to help to boost the economy of the area. Checkout their website for other great work they are doing. They do life-saving and important work.


Until next week,  


Anwar Hossain



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